Presenting a new collaboration: The Gentlewoman & Paul Smith Lambswool Blanket.

Presenting a new collaboration: The Gentlewoman & Paul Smith Lambswool Blanket.

This surely is the chicest cover-up of the season. The divinely tactile lambswool blanket pictured here is the product of The Gentlewoman’s newest partnership for autumn and winter 2016 with Paul Smith, master of upbeat fashions and candy-coloured stripes. Curl up in its rosy warmth and luxuriate in its many ingenious design particulars.


Look! Sir Paul Smith has worked closely with The Gentlewoman on a design that mirrors the magazine’s precise dimensions – 23 by 30 centimetres – in a stylish pane check. The colours, meanwhile, celebrate two of the title’s most beloved covers, with an “Inez navy” and a “Lansbury pink”, from issues 2 and 6 respectively.


The downy-soft handle is the hallmark of Paul Smith’s Tuscan mill, where the blanket has been crafted from South African lambswool into a sheet 170-by-130-centimetre with a 19.5-micron grain for a dense weave with a gossamer touch.


Twirl the ravishing purled fringe around in your fingers and enjoy the reassuring flourish of a 100 per cent luxury accessory – perfect for parading around in or creating instant coverage at home.

Back Issues

Should you have missed a past issue or two of The Gentlewoman, fret not, a selection is available to purchase from Bruil & van de Staaij, who, conveniently, deliver worldwide. Along with the current Spring and Summer 2016 edition of the magazine featuring Kirsten Dunst, issues No. 12 (Saoirse Ronan), No. 11 (Björk) and No. 10 (Robyn) remain available in limited quantities.


Subscriptions to The Gentlewoman are available worldwide via (for the UK and Ireland) and Bruil & van de Staaji (for Europe and the rest of the World). For subscriptions in the USA, please direct your attention to for further assistance.